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Absorption of harmful substances.
Filtration of dust and dirt from the environment.
Dampening of sound levels.
Reduction of stress levels.
Increased humidity levels.
Cooling effect.
Lifting of the general mood.
Emission of oxygen refreshing the air.

Improve Your Health and  

Studies Suggest Office Workers in a GREEN Environment are:
Sick less often.
Have higher spirits. 
Are less fatigued.
We select a variety of plants that are acclimated to low-light conditions, the norm in most offices, to avoid unnecessary leaf shedding.  
 Our plants are specially selected from responsible and reliable growers who nurture and care for these beautiful specimens.
Fake is fake! Rid your environment dust collecting plastic replicas and replace them with real living, thriving and healthy interior plants.
Real thriving plants reflect a sense of class, quality and natural beauty while providing fresh air and a healthy environment.
We Create Beautiful, Healthy, and GREEN Interiors. 
Providing Friendly and Prompt Sales and Service.

Quality Plants Imported  From Florida and Hawai

Professional Service.


Easy Month-to-month service contracts

 Frequently asked questions:

  • Do plants really help clean the air?

A NASA research scientist who spearheaded a plant study says, “Our research of nearly 20 years has shown that plant leaves, roots and soil bacteria can dramatically reduce levels of toxic vapors.” 

  • Do real plants make that much difference?

It is a proven fact that live plants in the work place help increase productivity, improve employee's health and create a happier working environment, making it a great investment.

  • What if I’m not good with plants?

Just leave the work to us! Our service assures you of having attractive plants that will not only enhance the beauty of your office or home, but will make your friends “green” with envy.

  • Do all plants live indoors?

Not all plants are suited to live indoors. We will suggest plants that will thrive in your work or home environment. There are a variety of beautiful, tropical green plants from which to choose – many that are suited to your lighting and space conditions.



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